PFPD ice rescue saves dog


Pagosa Fire Protection District

The Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD) was called to respond to a dog near an aerator opening on Village Lake at approximately 6:16 p.m. on Feb. 15.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered one dog in the water, unable to climb back onto the ice. Firefighters donned protective ice rescue suits and entered the water to rescue the dog. The dog was successfully removed from the water and walked back to shore. The dog was left in the care of animal control, who was attempting to locate the animal’s owner.

The PFPD responded with one engine, one heavy rescue truck, two command vehicles, six paid personnel and four volunteers. Crews were on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

There are no civilian or firefighter injuries to report.

The PFPD would like to remind everyone to stay clear of potential ice hazards. If an animal or person falls through the ice, do not attempt a rescue. Call 911 immediately for assistance. The most important thing an onlooker can provide is good information. Keep the distressed individual or animal in sight and yell to let them know help is on the way. When rescue personnel arrive on scene, provide detailed information about the location of the individual or animal.