Dems plan reorganization meeting


By John Porco
Archuleta County Democratic Party

The Archuleta County Democratic Party (ACDP) will conduct its biennial reorganization meeting on Saturday, Feb. 13. The meeting will be held virtually using Zoom, starting at 10 a.m. 

Colorado Revised Statute 1-3-103(1)(c) requires each county central committee of both parties to meet in the odd-numbered years to organize by selecting a chairperson or co-chairpersons, one or more vice chairpersons, a treasurer, a secretary and any other officers provided for by the county bylaws. 

In addition, participants will select a vacancy committee authorized to fill vacancies in the county central committee and elected offices held by Democrats, as well as delegates to higher-level reorganization meetings. 

The meeting is open to the public, but only members of the county central committee are eligible to vote. If you wish to participate, please contact the party chair, Becky Herman, at 903-0788 or no later than Feb. 11 to obtain the Zoom link.

Nominations to any position will be accepted virtually from the floor. However, the person nominated must have a nominator and a seconder, one of whom must be a central committee member. Any Democrat registered in Archuleta County may run for any office. To facilitate meeting planning, persons interested in running for an office are asked to contact Herman. However, advance notice is not required for nomination. 

Participation by all county Democrats is encouraged in these vitally important meetings. This is your chance to influence the course of our party.