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911 network upgrades will impact some phone systems

By Simone Mounsamy
Staff Writer

All 911 systems in Colorado are migrating from an analog system to an IP-based system per a statewide mandate. 

According to Emergency Communications Director Kati Harr with Archuleta County Combined Dispatch, Archuleta County will roll over to this system the week of Jan. 11.

Migrating to this IP-based system will affect businesses with multiple extensions (also known as multiline telephone systems, or MLTS) or private branch exchange users (PBX users). 

Examples of these entities would be schools, office buildings, medical centers and government buildings.

Action needed

Contact your telephone provider or IT department before Jan. 11 and confirm your system is configured to properly route 911 calls. 

After this has been confirmed, email Pagosa911test@archuletacounty.org to schedule a test call for your system. 

Please do not dial 911 without scheduling a test; this can divert critical resources from actual emergencies, Harr explained.

For more information, visit www.fcc.gov/mlts-911-requirements or www.911.gov/project_mltsdispatchablelocation.html.

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