Christmas wishes


By Terri Lynn Oldham House

There is perhaps no time of year when more people are more aligned in heart, mind and spirit than at Christmas. 

Even during a pandemic.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, this is a time for kindness toward your fellow man.

With the spirit of Christmas in the air, we invited local leaders to share their Christmas wishes for the community.

Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners Chair Ron Maez wrote, “I would like to wish everyone in Archuleta County a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year. Stay safe and travel safe. Take care of yourself, family and your neighbors.”

County Commissioner Alvin Schaaf added, “I want to wish everyone in Archuleta County a Merry Christmas, and I pray God will provide each of us with peace and a prosperous New Year!”

County Commissioner Steve Wadley shared, “This is a difficult time in our nation and in our community we all need to work together and support each other to get though an unprecedented hardship. Times will get better and we will get through this.”

Pagosa Springs Town Manager Andrea Phillips wrote, “Wishing everyone the true joys of the season-health, happiness and love!”

Pagosa Springs Mayor Don Volger added: “We have more access to reliable, and unreliable information than ever before. Therefore, my Christmas wish, my prayer, is that all of us in our community seek truth as best we can, especially the truth about Christ and Christmas. God bless you.”

Greg Schulte, board chair for the Upper San Juan Health Service District, the body that oversees and stewards Pagosa Springs Medical Center, shared his wish: “On behalf of the employees and the Board of Directors for the Pagosa Springs Medical Center, we of course wish you all good health and a wonderful holiday season. We hope you’ll join us in a desire for peace, joy and prosperity for our community in 2021.”

Pagosa Springs Medical Center CEO Dr. Rhonda Webb added, “On behalf of the staff and providers at Pagosa Springs Medical Center, I wish the community a happy, hope-filled Christmas and holiday season, and good health in the coming year.”

Archuleta County Combined Dispatch Board Chair Connie Cook wrote, “My wish for Pagosa Country is that everyone stays healthy and spreads kindness all around!”

Archuleta County Treasurer and Public Trustee Elsa White wrote,“I hope everyone is safe and healthy, that the New Year brings us all together to make it better than 2020. Be kind to one another. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Archuleta County Assessor Natalie Woodruff added, “Hold close in your hearts your loved ones, even though we can’t hold them close in person. Give thanks for the beautiful place we live in. Be humble and kind. Have a joyous and peaceful holiday.”

Archuleta County Combined Dispatch Emergency Communications Director Kati Harr wrote, “I wish everyone an abundance of health and joy, lots of time outside, open minds and hearts, deep peace and even deeper faith, and the unshakable knowledge that we are all valued and we are all essential. Be kind to yourselves and one another – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Pagosa Fire Protection District Fire Chief Randy Larson shared, “My Christmas wish for Pagosa is that we can return to normal and that our local businesses can maintain and prosper in 2021.

Sheriff Rich Valdez wrote, “My Christmas wish is – that my staff, all first responders and the citizens of Archuleta County stay safe and healthy during 2021. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Archuleta School District Superintendent Dr. Kym LeBlanc-Esparza added, “May we all find creative ways to safely enjoy the holiday season. My Christmas wish is for good health and prosperity for our community and for our students to have the opportunity to return to school in-person in the new year. Merry Christmas!”

Archuleta School District Board of Education President Bruce Dryburgh added, “Thank you for being a part of our wonderful Community in these difficult times. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.”

The message of Christmas is one of joy, hope and peace on Earth. There is no denying the spirit of love and hope that spreads throughout the community at this time of year. 

We mean it, as everyone does, when we wish you warmly a merry Christmas.