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Voting opens Dec. 7 for 2021 Chamber board nominees

By Mary Jo Coulehan
Pagosa Springs Area
Chamber of Commerce

With over 400 members registered with the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, businesses have their yearly opportunity to vote for the incoming 2021 board of director candidates. 

Every year, the Chamber rotates off three board members and three new board members join the group for a three-year stint. This rotation process lends itself to a variety of businesses being represented on the Chamber board while giving the board a combination of experience and fresh ideas. 

Every year, the Chamber presents a slate of six candidates to the membership. Of those six, three people are chosen. We encourage our businesses to really look at the slate of candidates and not just vote for the people they may know, but the candidates’ experience and business sector they represent. 

This year’s slate of candidates are: Eric Hittle, Curtis Nehring, Shane Prince, Marissa Talamante, Robin Young (Colorado Extension agent) and Tabitha Zappone. 

These candidates are community involved, business savvy and dedicated to contributing to their time and knowledge to be a voice for the business community. 

Voting begins Monday, Dec. 7, and will last for a month. The results will be announced shortly thereafter once the votes are tallied and verified. 

As a business owner, how do you vote? That part is easy. Only Chamber members are allowed to cast a ballot for the candidates. Members can access the voting through the Chamber website at www.pagosachamber.com on the home page. From the voting graphic, you can view the candidate biography informational sheet and cast your vote. 

For those who do not want to vote online, you can call us with your votes or stop by our offices and view the candidate board sheet and cast your ballot. Members are allowed one ballot per business. If you have multiple businesses listed as a Chamber member, you can cast the equal number of ballots per business. You can vote for up to three candidates per ballot. Should you cast multiple ballots, all of your votes will be disqualified. Should you vote for more than three candidates, your ballot will be disqualified. 

This is an opportunity for our Chamber membership to elect three representatives to help be the voice of the business community. The voting process takes only minutes, yet it is important for our business community to weigh in on its board members. Don’t miss this opportunity to cast your ballot. Should you have any questions, please contact the Chamber at 264-2360.

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