2021 Deep Space Mysteries calendars available for San Juan Stargazers’ annual fundraiser


By Joan Mieritz
San Juan Stargazers

The Deep Space Mysteries calendars are an exceptional gift for yourself or some other lucky person during this COVID-19 pandemic. They provide inspiration and many connections for a time when connections are so limited. They are easy and inexpensive to mail. But, most importantly, they will be used on a daily basis for all of 2021. 

They are a constant reminder that we live in an amazing universe and you want to share that with an amazing person in your life. When you talk, you can share your use of the calendar. You’ve heard the expression, “I love you to the moon and back.” This is like, “I love you as big as the universe and here are some things about it to blow your mind.”

Astronomy Magazine, the world’s best-selling astronomy magazine, brings you a calendar filled with dramatic images of nebulae, spiral galaxies, planets, star-forming regions and other mysteries of deep space. Many of probably the best Hubble photos of the past year are featured, one for each month, with several paragraphs describing and giving other information, so you will learn the most important facts. After 12 unique fantastic pictures and information, you will have a summary of a college astronomy class. 

Each month details planet visibility, meteor showers, conjunctions and other observing opportunities, as well as moon phases and major astronomical events. Wouldn’t it be cool to know for certain what planets you are seeing any given night? July features a picture of Jupiter with unbelievable storms and weather patterns. That photo alone is worth the $15 cost of the calendar.

If you would like a calendar, call (303) 995-2888 to leave a message. Someone will get back to you to make arrangements for you to get your calendar.