Water production stays below 20 million gallons


By Chris Mannara
Staff Writer

From Aug. 14 through Aug. 20, total water production was listed at 18.10 million gallons, according to a press release from Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District Manager Justin Ramsey.

The Snowball water treatment plant produced 4.64 million gallons in that time frame, the Hatcher water treatment plant produced 7.26 million gallons and the San Juan water treatment plant produced another 6.20 million gallons, according to Ramsey’s press release.

In that same time period last year, water production was listed at 16.75 million gallons.

From Aug. 7 through Aug. 13 of this year, water production was listed at 19.16 million gallons.

This week, Hatcher Lake is 34 inches from full, or 89.51 percent full. Last week, it was 31 inches from full.

Stevens Lake went from being 34 inches from full to being 36 inches from full, or 89.29 percent full, this week.

Lake Pagosa remains 4 inches from full, or 98.55 percent full.

Village Lake dropped from 5 inches from full to 10 inches from full, or 95.37 percent full, this week.

Lake Forest also saw a drop from last week, going from 4 inches from full to 6 inches from full, or 95.47 percent full, this week.

Total diversion flows have stayed at 4.3 cubic feet per second (cfs), with the West Fork still adding 3 cfs and the San Juan adding another 1.3 cfs.

River report

As of Wednesday, the San Juan River had a reported flow of 28 cfs, which falls below the 164 cfs average for Aug. 26, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The highest reported flow total for Aug. 26, based on 84 water years of record, came in 1982, when the San Juan had a reported flow of 938 cfs. The lowest flow total came in 2002, when the San Juan River had a flow of 8.85 cfs.