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Taco Bell major design review application approved

By Chris Mannara
Staff Writer

At a regular meeting on July 28, the Pagosa Springs Planning Commission approved a final major design review application for a planned Taco Bell at 2911 Cornerstone Drive.

The sketch plan for the planned development was considered and approved by the town planning commission on May 26 with a variety of recommendations made in the approval motion.

According to agenda documentation the proposal is to construct a 2,053-square-foot chain restaurant with a drive-thru and parking for 24 cars including two spaces that are compliant with the  Americans With Disabilities Act.

The motion to approve the final major design review application for Taco Bell was approved unanimously by the planning commission, with the planning commission directing the applicant to provide the following prior to the issuance of a building permit: evidence of a neighboring property owner agreement to physically modify their property, drainage report stamped by a state-licensed engineer, a revised exterior illumination plan, evidence of a properly sized dumpster enclosure, replacing of missing street trees at proper distances, design details on wall height and veneer finish, and verification that listed plant species are appropriate for Pagosa Springs’ climate.

Other items include relocation of trees to parking lot islands and recorded shared access agreements, among other items.

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