Fire restrictions lifted on San Juan National Forest


By Lorena Williams
San Juan National Forest

With the onset of monsoon season and the majority of the San Juan National Forest receiving measurable rainfall, fire danger has moderated. Fire restrictions on the San Juan National Forest will be rescinded today, July 30. This means that beginning today, visitors to the forest may have a campfire. 

In spite of the rain and increased humidity, San Juan National Forest officials remind visitors to always practice fire safety. 

“Fire danger is now moderate, but forest visitors still need to take actions to prevent unwanted fire,” said Richard Bustamante, fire staff officer for the San Juan National Forest. “Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Visitors are encouraged to practice these principles of outdoor fire safety:

• Clear all flammable material within 3 feet of campfire rings.

• Make a fire only if you have a shovel and sufficient water to put it out.

• Never leave a fire unattended.

• Keep fires small and manageable.

• Extinguish fires completely. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave. Every campfire should be put dead out before leaving it.

For information on the San Juan National Forest, call 247-4874, visit the forest website or follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook).