A Matter of Faith: A prayer: The power to live dangerously


By Sami Fortin
Special to The PREVIEW


If we ask anything according to your will, your word says you will give it to us. My greatest plea is for those who don’t trust in you, yet. Open your words of truth to them so that they can overcome the lies of the enemy. “For you so loved the world (as a whole and as individuals) that you gave your only son, that whosoever believes in you, shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

 You made the first move and showed your love for us by doing something no one else was able to do, for you alone are Holy. I love that you took my place, I should have died on that old cross, but you came, even before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eye, and died to show how much you love those you created, and how you long for us to follow you.

Not because of what we can do, but so you can show your glory and power through us from heaven to earth. Lord, you are majestic in all the earth and nothing is impossible with you. Teach us that we can do nothing (lasting) without you. Show us the power in your word and give us the desire to soak in it, making it a part of every breathing moment. 

Keep bringing things into our lives that are too hard for us to handle on our own. Help us to take all our guilt and shame and nail it to the cross, where you died and bled for us. Hold us close to your heart that we might hear it beating for us. May we slow down enough and be quiet enough to hear your still and quiet voice. When your Holy Spirit comes, wrap us up with garments of salvation and array us in robes of your righteousness as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with jewels. In the midst of our trouble we cry out to you, for you are where our help comes from.

Lord, help people to know that you did not give us a spirit of fear, but one of a sound mind and self-control. When we ask you into our lives, you bring such peace. Let people hunger and thirst for this righteousness, for you have promised they will be filled.

We have everything we need when we’re in your house. You give us power over the enemy and show us that we don’t have to think negative thoughts. We can take them captive and change what we’re thinking when we know we have a choice.

This love you’ve given us covers every area of our life so that when we start living for you instead of ourselves we find that our greatest joy comes from knowing you, and that you give us your strength. We can say count me in, whatever comes, because we know we will be able to handle it with you. We’re all of a sudden not afraid of death or trials or hardships, pain, anxiety, depression. Once we’ve died to sin the only way left is forward, through the valley onto the mountaintops and sometimes back into the valley, but you are ever with us, never to leave us or forget about us, even for a moment. I love that you’d rather die than live without us and your desire is that none should perish. 

Help those that do know you to so shine and be so filled others would want to know what we have. Let us share our testimonies of all you’ve done for us. May we spend our days praising your name for coming to earth to show us the way. In so doing we defeat the enemy of our soul. Give each one of us the power to live dangerously for you.

In Jesus’ mighty, powerful name, amen.