First confirmed presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Archuleta County

Dr. Rhonda Webb, CEO and chief medical officer of Pagosa Springs Medical Center, announced today an adult Archuleta County resident who was tested by Pagosa Springs Medical Center is confirmed as presumptive positive for COVID-19.  This is the first confirmed positive result in Archuleta County.

San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) received confirmation of the first positive case of COVID-19 in an adult resident of Archuleta County, but is not releasing any further details about the case to protect the privacy of this individual.

SJBPH explained it is already performing public health best practice steps for disease investigation, including contact tracing. Once someone is confirmed as infected with a virus, contacts are identified by asking about the person’s activities and the activities of the people around them since the onset of the infectious period. All known contacts are identified and informed of their contact status, and the importance of receiving early care if they develop symptoms. Contacts will also be provided with information about prevention of the disease. In some cases, quarantine or isolation is required for high-risk contacts, either at home or in hospital.

Contact tracing by this method protects the privacy rights of patients in accordance with federal law, and details of the individuals’ whereabouts or contacts during the presumed infectious period will not be publicly shared by SJBPH. Individuals who are believed to have had contact with an infected person will be directly contacted by SJBPH staff.

“San Juan Basin Public Health expected that Archuleta County would see positive cases and we imagine we will see more cases in the days to come,” said SJBPH Executive Director Liane Jollon. “All residents of Archuleta County are urged to make responsible choices to protect our community and stay at home, according the governor’s recent orders.”