Book Fair Family Night slated for March 11

Photo courtesy Lisa Scott
The Scholastic Book Fair is underway at Pagosa Springs Elementary School until March 13 in the school library. The theme — “Wish Upon a StarLab!” — builds enthusiasm for the students, who will also participate in the Stars of Fine Arts Family Night on March 11. These first-grade students from Debbie Moore’s class are excited about the school activities that accompany the book fair and the StarLab theme. Students (left to right): Wynnie Buchner, Jeb Ketchum, Perci Redman and Josiah Perea.

By Lisa Scott
Special to The PREVIEW
Families, educators and the community are invited to attend the Scholastic Book Fair hosted by Pagosa Springs Elementary School March 2-13 during school hours in the school library. The event and the theme — “Wish Upon a StarLab Book Fair!” — inspires many activities at the school.
Family Night, hosted by the Partners In Education Committee (PIE), will be Wednesday, March 11, from 5 to 7 pm. Art teacher Kelly Lewis and music teacher Lauren Highsmith have organized the “Stars of Fine Arts Night,” and students have been working on art, music and dance projects to showcase throughout the school this evening.
Artwork from all classrooms will be on display and an interactive student/parent dance will be performed. Artwork in each grade will be auctioned to raise money for specific community service projects that each grade has chosen. For instance, the first grade has selected the StarLab, which is also how the proceeds from the Book Fair will be used.
The StarLab is a mobile planetarium that has a 360-degree spherical projection tool to project the solar system, constellations and the composition of the universe onto the ceiling of the balloon-like unit that students sit inside. This is an extremely powerful way to bring the understanding of astronomy to the students. Fundraising to purchase this interactive STEM experience is ongoing.
The family night evening will include a delicious pasta dinner, art walk throughout the school, dance performance, star craft activity by Josie from the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library and, of course, shopping at the book fair.
Additionally, each classroom has decorated its classroom door with a favorite theme and voting to choose the top three doors will take place during family night. All families are invited to the school to participate in an evening full of astronomical fun and to enjoy activities with other families.
The book fair is an exciting time for students during school hours and an enjoyable way to increase interest in reading for pleasure. The community is invited to attend the book fair as a shopper or volunteer during book fair hours as the event is hosted in the school library and staffed by volunteers.
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