The clock is ticking in the Pagosa Springs Rotary Ice Melt Contest

Photo courtesy Al Myatt

By JoAnn Laird
Special to The PREVIEW
Remember the story of the clock the crocodile swallowed in “Peter Pan”? That ticktock of the clock was a warning to Captain Hook when the croc was near. Seems Captain Hook’s hand had been an appetizer and the croc wanted the entree.
There is another clock on Lake Hatcher that won’t put an end to Captain Hook, but will put an end to the second annual Ice Melt Contest, orchestrated by the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club and Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association.
A barrel, with clock attached, has been set on frozen Lake Hatcher. No easy feat, as it took members from the Pagosa Rotary Club, Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA) and the Pagosa Fire Protection District to do it. These same folks can’t wait for the ice to melt enough for the barrel to sink to the stone-cold depths of the lake, at which time they will retrieve the barrel. Cabin fever affects people differently.
As we head toward the contest entry deadline of March 15, the barrel will fall through the ice and the clock will stop, marking the exact date, hour, minute and second. Whenever the barrel sinks, the contest will end and winners will be awarded.
The top three guesses, closest to the date and time the clock stops, will win $1,000 for first place, $750 for second place and $500 for third place. Tickets for your guesses are $5 each, $20 for 5, $40 for 10 and $100 for 30.
Get your tickets to make your predictions soon, as the ice historically melts before March 15. Contact any Rotarian or get tickets through the PLPOA Administration Office, PLPOA Rec Center, Chamber of Commerce, Choke Cherry Tree, or Ski and Bow Rack. Online purchases can be made at and All tickets must be turned in before the clock stops to be counted.
All proceeds go to awarding higher education scholarships for our graduating seniors.
With or without a crocodile, the clock is ticking. When it stops, will you have the winning guess?