Satan’s rant and the God of Heaven


By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW
“You think you won the war. Big mistake. I’ll make you regret the day you created me,” Satan ranted to no one in particular while the earth trembled beneath his feet.
To his surprise, only one-third of the angelic host bought into his deception. He rallied his troops around him. “We are a vast number and possess great power and skill. Back me and together we will realize the demise of God’s empire.”
The great deceiver slipped into the Garden of Eden and turned his attention to God’s other handiwork, Man. “He loves you too much to ever let you die. Trust me.”
Satan couldn’t believe how simple it was to plant the lie into the mind of man. He chose the sweetest fruit as his deadliest weapon. The woman, easy to persuade because of her predisposition to please, caved first. The man soon followed.
God’s chosen people proved to be a worthy opponent as average men rose to the call of God and lead his people. They built a mighty nation and overcame every obstacle Satan attempted to throw their way. Slavery, persecution and vast enemy armies couldn’t stop them.
“I must find a way to end this thorn in my side. It’s time to focus on God’s only son. Disguised as a man, he tried to weasel his way in and usurp my kingdom.” Satan manipulated the hearts of prominent and arrogant men who convinced the crowd to kill Jesus. “Jealousy is such a persuasive tool.”
“So much for the Son of God.” He smirked as Roman soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross. “It is finished.” He mimicked Jesus’ final words.
“I must retreat for a while and rethink my strategy.” Caught off guard by the resurrection of Jesus, Satan stepped back to contemplate the results of this one action on his long-term goal.
Satan continued to orchestrate his plot with the faithful support of the fallen angels. “With the rapture of God’s church and those wretched Christians out of the way, victory is within reach. The frontal assault is straightforward enough. Time to establish my rightful position as King of the World. The God of Heaven kicked me out of His domain, but mine will exceed his lofty endeavors.” A self-righteous smile spread across his grotesque face and added to his evil personification.
“First order of business … rid the world of His remnant and any traitors who rally to their allegiance. No place for defectors in the greatest monarchy on earth.” Satan began to initiate war against the nation of Israel and the tribulation saints.
“I recruited two individuals with similar personalities. They behave like brothers, poured from the same mold. Both egotistical and prideful, they were easy to influence with the simple idea, It, was all about them. Given stations of importance, they became simple pawns in my bigger scheme.”
Influenced by Satan, the anti-Christ and false prophet rose to prominence in the end-times. Things progressed as planned, but then …
“The victory of the greatest battle ever fought belonged to me. My demons were strong, skillful and ready for revenge.” But once again, God of the Universe and his angelic host proved superior to Satan’s army.
With the two counterfeits cast into the Lake of Fire and Satan bound for a thousand years, peace resided on earth. Jesus ruled from the Throne of David and exercised justice on mankind.
Unable to move about in freedom, Satan ranted, “How dare he chain me up like a slave. He’ll pay for this foolish blunder.”
Once released from the abyss, Satan set out to accomplish his mission. “Humanity is vulnerable to persuasion. All I need to do is offer them their own kingdom.” God’s timetable ended before Satan could complete his scheme.
The heat rises to the point of near suffocation. Fire reaches high into the atmosphere as it draws into its clutches every ounce of air. Brimstone falls to the ground and simmers as hot coals on the dry and crusted ground.
“Pathetic, tormented souls surround me and cry out in pain. I am the ultimate fool. This is my destiny. He won. No one is higher than God.” Satan ranted, but no one listened.
God’s word is true — a real heaven and hell exist. It’s not too late to accept Jesus. Follow Christ into an eternal home created for you in heaven. Say yes to his invitation and sit down at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
“Then the king will say to those on his right, come you who are blessed by my Father; inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”— (Matthew 25:34 (CSB).
“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” — Revelation 20:15 (CSB)
Because of Jesus, we have the promise of eternal life.
I love you, but Jesus loves you more.