Experience ‘the magic of drumming circles’ at Tuesday session


By Paul Roberts
Special to The PREVIEW
Join musician and music therapist Paul Roberts for a free hand-drumming class at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse on Tuesday, Dec. 24, at noon. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to unleash their creativity. No previous experience is necessary. Drums are provided for those who do not have one.
Through listening and playing, participation in group drumming involves being receptive and creative at the same time. This observation is made in “The Drum,” an article posted on the Northern College Indigenous Council on Education website.
The article provides a fascinating glimpse into what it refers to as “the magic of drumming circles.” Here are more takeaways from the article:
• People from many different backgrounds are getting together to create connections through the sheer joy of drum rhythms.
• Drumming circles are the ultimate stress-reducer.
• Natural bio-chemicals in the body are released, which help boost the immune system, among other things.
• Inner chatter is instantly quieted and a peaceful meditative state is often the result as the drum connects with your own heartbeat.
• Adults relearn how to play and have fun.
• The beating of the drum helps us listen to our soul so we can understand our purpose and our connection to each other in the circle of life.
• For First Nations Peoples, the drum represents the universal heartbeat of Mother Earth, the Universal goddess and mother to us all.
• The first sound that was heard in the world was the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
• Rhythm facilitates healing and realignment of the four realms of human existence — mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.
There’s something organic and self-generating about how group drumming supports social interaction and meaning among people, in ways that would not necessarily happen otherwise, with the potential to positively effect health and well-being.
For more information about the hand-drumming class, call 731-3117. The Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse is located at 230 Port Ave.