Class service projects reminds to give simply


By Augusta Happ
Special to The PREVIEW
Once again, the Advent season is upon us and we are getting ready to spend time with our families, cook the perfect holiday meal and, of course, shop for the perfect gifts. While we take in the holiday season, decorate our homes to perfection and wrap all those gifts, we are going along with the normal hustle and bustle of the season. What if we stopped for a moment and took in a deep breath and reflected upon the real reason for the Advent season? Jesus is coming.
For the past four years, the REM class (Religious Education for Middle School Children) at Immaculate Heart of Mary and Pope John Paul II Catholic Church Community has worked on a community-wide service project.
The REM class wants all of us to stop for a moment and think about the true meaning of the season and how can we give of ourselves without shopping for that perfect gift. Let us remember that gifts can come from the heart without cost. The REM class has hidden more than 300 stones pictured with baby Jesus within the town of Pagosa Springs. They are hidden everywhere: the local grocery stores, library, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, gas stations and the church.
If you locate a baby Jesus-pictured stone, stop and think how you can give of yourself simply. You can help a neighbor with a simple task of getting the mail, maybe pick up trash someone has left near your parking stop or smile at someone who is having a bad day. Remember, we are giving of ourselves and there is no need to spend money or do anything complicated. Just give simply.
Now with all these good deeds happening, the REM class would love to hear about what you did. Just drop a note to the Pope John Paul II Catholic Church Office, Attn: Augusta Happ, at 353 S. Pagosa Blvd., Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 or email the Pope John Paul II RE office at ihmjp2rem@gmail. Please let us know where you found the stone and what you did. There is no need to leave your name.
The REM class would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and extend thanks for assisting in this service project. They can’t wait to read the “Merry” notes ahead.
Thank you and God bless.