County computers hit with virus, phone system not affected


By John Finefrock
Staff Writer
A virus downloaded to Archuleta County computers over the weekend has caused county email to stop working.
“Everything’s still operating as usual, it’s just nobody can use their computers. The phone system works fine and everything else,” said County Administrator Scott Wall in a phone call Monday morning.
Wall explained the county’s IT department is working to fix the problems caused by the virus and estimated all systems would be back in working order over the next 48 hours.
Wall noted that he didn’t think the virus was “ransomware”, meaning a virus that could block county systems until a sum of money had been paid.
Wall emphasized for members of the public to use the telephone instead of email if they urgently need to get in touch with county officials and staff.
Emergency Communications Manager Kati Harr wrote in a statement to The SUN that the dispatch center is still operational amidst the computer virus.
“While this situation makes an already demanding job even more challenging, our dispatch center is maintaining basic dispatch and call-taking functionality and our dedicated staff are here and ready to handle any and all public safety incidents for our community and first responders,” Harr wrote.