Survey work to start at Sambrito Wetlands in Navajo State Park


By Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Special to The SUN
A crew from Ducks Unlimited will be doing surveys in the Sambrito Wetlands area of Navajo State Park during the next couple of weeks.
The crew is authorized to ride OHVs through the area to do the work; Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated there’s no reason to report the activity.
The Sambrito area, which is at the west end of the park, is being surveyed to determine what improvements can be made to enhance the wetlands.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Bureau of Reclamation and Ducks Unlimited are working cooperatively on the project that will greatly improve the wildlife habitat in that area. Wetlands provide habitat for every species of wildlife and help to improve water quality.
Structures to help control and move water will be installed. Construction is scheduled to start some time next fall.