UUs to discuss faith: what it means and what it does


By Dean Cerny
Special to The PREVIEW
All religious and spiritual traditions make reference to having “faith.” What exactly are they referring to when they make claim to having faith? Is there but one definition of faith? Many would say yes. The wise would search their hearts, not their heads, to find the answer.
On Sunday, Nov. 10, at 10:30 a.m., the Pagosa Unitarian Universalists will venture down the path of “faith meanings.” To aid in that exploration, we will view faith through the lens of the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian spiritual traditions. Not only will we discover some insightful differences in these “faith” traditions, we will also uncover many profound similarities.
Now that you’ve adjusted to the new seasonal time change, join us for a shift in your thinking and feeling about the timeless spirituality of “faith.” This service will be led by the somewhat faithful Pastor Dean Cerny.
Religious Exploration (RE) classes are held on the third and fourth Sundays and continue through to May, For more information about RE, contact Anna Ramirez at afrancis_@hotmail.com.
Check out our calendar of events at pagosauu.org. All of these events take place at Unit B-15 of the Greenbriar Plaza. From North Pagosa Boulevard, turn onto Park Avenue, then turn into the Greenbriar Plaza, drive to the east side of the parking lot and look for the Unitarian Universalist sign, facing north.
If you would like to schedule a private meeting with Cerny, or for further information, call 731-7900.