Dr. Fran Korten to speak in Pagosa Sept. 11


By Joan Mieritz
Special to The PREVIEW
On Sept. 11, the people of Pagosa Springs will have a special opportunity to meet and hear Dr. Fran Korten.
She will be speaking in the Ruby Sisson Library’s large meeting room on Wednesday, Sept. 11, from 2 to 4 p.m.
She will speak briefly on several topics: death, which is the latest featured topic for YES! Magazine; important changes needed for America; the world economy; and the state of our planet. She knows the latest on what is happening and always shares with us ways that individuals can actually do something. There will be time for your questions, too.
It is hard for me to do justice describing Fran and her husband, David Korten, who wrote “When Corporations Rule The World” and many other books on how the world’s economy must change. The empire model of our economy which we have been in for thousands of years is no longer sustainable with huge profits going to big corporations (which is now “the king”) and everyone else getting the short end of the stick. The economy needs to function for the benefit of the community and every single person. The profits should go to making life better for everyone, not just a few. The focus and end goals of our economy need to change.
Rather than my explaining more about who they are, I’m asking you to go to the Earth Community web-site: pagosaearthcommunity.org and look at the section titled “Dr. David Korten and Dr. Fran Korten.” It will help explain the significance of these two extraordinary people who are working to change the world. And it should help you see why it would be of value for you to come to Fran Korten’s talk.
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