Noxious weed of the month: yellow toadflax

Photo courtesy Jamie Jones
Yellow toadflax, also known as butter and eggs, is poised to be a major threat to ecosystem health in the San Juan Mountains.

By Ethan Proud
SUN Columnist
Yellow toadflax, also known as butter and eggs, is a beautiful plant with a snapdragon-esque flower. It is native to the Mediterranean and has a bottle brush appearance of narrow leaves that can be up to 2 inches long. They either do not branch or branch sparingly, with only one to three stems per shoot.
The plant is connected through a creeping root system and most of the above-ground shoots are clones. The root system is not as extensive as some of our other perennial invaders and grows to a depth of 3 feet and spreads 10 feet laterally.
Yellow toadflax may be spread by birds when seeds become trapped in their feathers and are carried for miles before being deposited. Tillage and hand-pulling are not recommended methods of control as the entire root will not be removed. Repeated mowing can be successful, but should be done before the plant flowers to prevent seed spread. Herbicide treatments are very effective on yellow toadflax and several options are available from the county Weed and Pest Office.
Behind oxeye daisy, yellow toadflax is poised to be a major threat to ecosystem health in the San Juan Mountains. PlayCleanGo is a program that promotes healthy outdoor recreation and preventive measures for invasive weeds. Always clean your boots and tires after hiking, riding or driving in an area with yellow toadflax.
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