Resilient Archuleta meeting: Emergency management operations and preparing for disasters


By Robin Young
Special to The SUN
Resilient Archuleta invites everyone to the next community conversation around resilience with the Archuleta County Emergency Operations Center Director Mike Le Roux and the Office of Emergency Management team to hear about emergency management operations and what the community and individuals can do to help be better prepared for disasters.
The conversation will be held June 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the CSU Extension office, 344 U.S. 84.
Le Roux will be discussing the Hazard Mitigation Plan and how we can build a culture of preparedness; and the emergency management cycle of mitigation, preparation, response and recovery. The conversation will be generating ideas on how to be resilient to the threats of our community.
The Emergency Operations Center serves all of Archuleta County and assists Hinsdale and Mineral counties with emergency management and coordination in the southern portions of their counties. They are responsible for the following areas: emergency operations, multiagency coordination, joint information coordination, and resource and incident management.
Everyone is encouraged to come and participate in the conversation around resilience.