A call for artists for Painting for the Pooches


Illustration courtesy April Murphy

By Paula Jo Miller
and Mike Stoll
Special to The PREVIEW
Calling local artists: The Pagosa Springs Arts Council (PSAC) and the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs (HSPS) are collaborating on Painting for the Pooches, a public art project to take place at the local animal shelter. We are looking for artists capable of painting fun animal images to portray the joy of the human/animal bond that is such an important part of our community and an essential aspect in the lives of so many.
A year ago, the HSPS installed a 40-foot storage container at the animal shelter. The container houses much of the equipment needed for an emergency evacuation of animals in the event of a natural disaster or other life-threatening situation impacting the shelter. The container has a very serious purpose with a very drab appearance.
Painting for the Pooches will use the storage container as a canvas with the aim of turning drab into happy and beautiful. This is an opportunity to show your love of animals through the medium of paint and share your vision with everyone who visits the animal shelter and dog park.
The images associated with this article and The PREVIEW cover are from artist April Murphy and are used with her kind permission. They perfectly capture the spirit of joy and happiness — or as April said, “feel-good art that lightens the mood and brings a smile” — that we hope to portray in our container art. If you’re a local artist and would like to be a part of this public art project, please contact the PSAC via email at info@ps-artscouncil.org and include the message “Yes! I want to paint the HSPS container!” in the subject line of your email. Come and join your fellow artists in a worthwhile beautification project and help create some smiles for future animal shelter visitors.
Painting for the Pooches will take place on June 22 at the HSPS animal shelter on Cloman Boulevard. Participant artists will be supplied with paint and other materials necessary to help bring their vision to fruition. Some preparatory work and finish work may occur prior to and after the actual one-day event. Donations from near and far toward the cost of painting materials are most welcome and can be made by visiting the administration office above the HSPS thrift store or by calling 264-5549.
The Saturday painting party will also coincide with an animal shelter open house and celebration that will feature food, entertainment and fun activities for people and pets. Parents are invited to bring the kids to participate in Coloring for the Kitties and use their artistic talents to portray their own pets or the animals at the shelter. Young artists willing to donate their work will have their renditions displayed at the animal shelter and Humane Society thrift store through the month of July.
Mark your calendar in advance for June 22 and plan on joining the PSAC, HSPS and our local artists for a fun way to welcome summer and celebrate our animal friends and companions.
The PSAC is a local nonprofit that partners with businesses, schools, individuals, foundations and our local government to support creative programs and services that educate, nourish and inspire community members. PSAC’s vision is to help build a community where arts, culture and creativity are valued and celebrated. For information about and to become a member, visit the PSAC website at www.ps-artscouncil.org .
The HSPS is a local nonprofit that provides a safe haven for lost and homeless dogs and cats until they can be reunited with their families or new, loving homes found for them. HSPS does not receive funding from the Humane Society of the United States, American Humane, the ASPCA or any other national animal welfare organization. The animal shelter relies on revenue from private donations, our thrift store and various fundraisers to keep operating. For more information on HSPS programs and community services, please visit www.humanesociety.biz or contact our administration office at 264-5549.