Pagosa Springs History Museum announces opening


By Frank Zellner
Special to The PREVIEW
Members of the Pagosa Springs History Museum organization are excited to announce the 2019 season opening celebration will be held Saturday, May 18, between 9 a.m. and noon.
A special quilt show will be featured, along with the museum’s thousands of historical exhibits.
President Loretta Ross wants the entire community to make it a point to visit the museum and come to appreciate our community’s heritage.
The museum is one of the community’s valued treasures, depicting the history and cultures of the Pagosa Springs valley.
Refreshments will be served. This will be a perfect time to tour the museum. Please make it a point to see this treasure first hand.
Note: While the celebration is scheduled for May 18, the museum doors actually open on May 15.
Please contact Frank Zellner at or 264-2872 with any comments, concerns or questions.