Unmask potential health problems at 9Health Fair April 27


    By Constance d’Angelis
    Special to The PREVIEW
    Heart disease is a major health issue. It is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States.
    Heart malfunctions can be identified through blood pressure observation, heart rate monitoring, blood sugar detection, and blood cholesterol and triglycerides testing. Risk factors include family history, diabetes, smoking and untreated chronic stress.
    Chronic stress creates two times the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is a much greater chance of developing this life-threatening ailment than previously identified.
    Other than heart disease, untreated chronic stress can result in other serious health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.
    A healthy immune system is critical. It reduces our ability to ward off viral and bacterial infections like the flu, the common cold or pneumonia. A weakened immune system depresses the positive effect of vaccines. The American Psychological Association and American Institute of Stress are excellent sources for more information.
    In addition to heart disease and high blood pressure, some other problems related to stress are: asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal trouble, and Alzheimer’s disease.
    Lifesaving blood tests are a great way to unmask potential problems. The 9Health Fair offers assessments, testings and education. At Pagosa Springs High School on April 27 from 7 to 11 a.m., you can get a whole battery of tests for a minimal cost of $35, a free blood pressure check, other screenings and education.
    Have special health and wellness skills? Could you offer education or information? Have a working brain and good attitude? You can volunteer.
    Questions? Contact Sharee Grazda at 731-0317 or email sgrazda@gmail.com. Visit 9HealthFair.org. Reach Constance at 7LawsofHealth@gmail.com.