Archuleta County commissioners adopt Vietnam War Veterans Day

    Photo courtesy Tanice Ramsperger
    Pictured are Ronnie Maez, county commission chairman, and DAR Regent Nancy S. Carter with commissioners Steve Wadley and Alvin Schaaf, and DAR members Karolyn Dey, Linda Hobbs, April Holthaus, Jane McKain, Carolyn Paschal, Tanice Ramsperger, Mary Reithmiller, Barbara Witowski and Kathy Zilhaver. Veterans in attendance included Roy Vega, Jim Huffman, Paul Nobles and Ken Sorce.

    By Linda Hobbs
    Special to The SUN
    The Archuleta County commissioners approved and adopted a petition by the Sarah Platt Decker Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to name March 29 as Vietnam War Veterans Day.
    Members of the DAR and Vietnam veterans attended the proclamation reading and signing on March 19.
    Commissioners Ron Maez, Steve Wadley and Alvin Schaaf added their personal comments and thanks to our Vietnam veterans and all veterans. There was a round of applause in the meeting room upon adoption of the proclamation.
    The DAR is a commemorative partner of the 50th commemoration of the Vietnam War, administered by the Department of Defense. The commemoration is a 13-year program (2012-2025) established during President Barack Obama’s administration and is designed to assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam veterans and their families. Further, President Donald J. Trump signed the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017, permanently designating every March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
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    WHEREAS: On March 29, 1973, the last American troops were withdrawn from South Vietnam, thus ending military involvement in what was the longest war in our country’s history; and,
    WHEREAS: On May 25, 2012, President Barak Obama designated May 29, 2012 – November 11, 2025 as a 13 year program to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War; and,
    WHEREAS: On March 28, 2017, President Donald J. Trump, signed into law The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017, designating every March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day; and,
    WHEREAS: More than 58,000 service members made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War, thousands more were wounded, and 1,600 remain missing in action; and,
    WHEREAS: Vietnam Veterans contribute to our communities, state and nation by offering skills, education and leadership learned in military service; and,
    WHEREAS: Archuleta County, Colorado, is home to more than an estimated 400 Vietnam Veterans; and,
    WHEREAS: The Sarah Platt Decker Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is a proud Commemorative Partner of the 50th Commemoration acknowledging that these veterans and their families deserve our thanks and respect for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States.
    NOW THEREFORE, I, the Board of Commissioners of Archuleta County, Colorado, do hereby proclaim March 29, 2019 as VIETNAM WAR VETERANS DAY and invite all citizens in both public ceremonies and in private thoughts and prayers to gratefully acknowledge our Vietnam Veterans.