Rotary’s Ice Melt Contest now underway, open until March 20

Photo courtesy Al Myatt
Folks from several organizations joined together on Hatcher Lake last week to set Rotary’s barrel on the ice. As a fundraiser, you can register your guess for when the ice will melt and the barrel will fall into the lake.

By JoAnn Laird
Special to The PREVIEW
Sometimes it takes a village to set a barrel on a frozen lake.
So was the case last week when a large contingent of members from the Pagosa Rotary, Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association and the Pagosa Fire Protection District gathered at Hatcher Lake to set barrel for the first annual Ice Melt Contest.
With all proceeds of this crafty contest going to scholarships of higher learning for our local graduating students, not only is this a worthy endeavor, but one you can regale your puzzled family and friends in warmer climates with. Cabin fever brings out the best in us.
With a clock attached to the barrel, the exact day, minute, hour and second will be recorded when the ice melts enough for the barrel to fall into the water, heralding in spring. Think of it as Pagosa’s version of the Pennsylvania groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.
The top three guesses — closest to the date, hour, minute and second when the clock stops — will win $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place.
Tickets for your guesses are $5 each, $20 for five and $100 for 30. Get your tickets soon, as the ice will historically melt before March 20.
Entries must be submitted by midnight on March 20. Enter as many times as you’d like. Forms are available at, through a link on the PLPOA website, at The Choke Cherry Tree, the Chamber of Commerce in the Visitor Center, the PLPOA Rec Center or the administration office.
This is your last reminder to get those tickets. You could win serious money to go toward your new Easter outfit or next year’s snowblower. Only in Pagosa can you have this much fun.