UU topic: Are atheists indeed strangers to God?


By Dean Cerny
Special to The PREVIEW
While atheists can deny the existence of God, can they really deny the idea of God? God has always existed as an idea. God exists as an idea even today. Does this mean that God truly exists? Can a commitment to a free and responsible search for truth and meaning lead to a sacred spirit that is both immanent and transcendent in our lives?
Join us on Sunday, March 17, at 10:30 a.m. for an honest exploration of these questions. This service will be led by Pastor Dean Cerny.
There is some urgent relevancy to discussing these matters. There is much global polarization over the “God question.” This religious polarization is increasingly affecting our political perspectives. Philosophically, the question of whether God or gods exist is inconclusive and, therefore, an open-ended debate. How we live and function together in a society that includes both perspectives is the true challenge for Unitarian Universalists and Christian evangelicals alike.
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