Readers share more ideas for 2019


The new year is upon us, and in the tradition of a fresh start with the fresh year, we asked readers to share their ideas for the changes they wanted to see in Pagosa Springs during 2019. This is a continuation from last week.
Dee Halligan wrote, “I would like to see the grade school and middle schools and move them over close to the high school. Improve security and save on maintenance costs. The town is getting bigger and the middle school shouldn’t be in the middle of town. I was driving by the other day and a ball flew over the fence into the street.”
Genevieve E. Gilbert Janak responded, “Dee Halligan no. First, the middle school is historical ground. It’s not going anywhere, and it never should!!
“The town literally can only grow so much, that’s something to just deal with. No, not taking fields away from the elementary school and we aren’t seizing land from private owners because that’s just not what the town was founded on.
“… We all want the right opportunity for kids and growth to help the long term community..
“In doing that, never discount where this town came from. It’s history. And keeping it that way in a sense.
“All these arguments are kind of ridiculous anyway until the county approves a jail, which wasn’t approved in voting.
“No town of this size should ever expand without a proper jail and court buildings in place.”
Linda Barber shared, “I am very concerned about the increase in trash along 160 through town and through the county. If you look closely, you will notice a predominant amount of the trash is plastic bags and containers. Many cities/towns are implementing bans for businesses on the use of plastic bags. I would love to see this done in Pagosa and throughout the county. What would it take to get this done?”
Gwen Crooks Taylor responded, “I think it would take major businesses like City Market and Walmart to commit to stop using plastic bags. Also, fast food restaurants have non-plastic options for drink cups and food containers.”
Dena Laterza wrote, “I’d like to see the community come together to support the town to lakes trail. It will definitely get used and be a safe form of travel. More community involvement in trash pick days in the Spring time would be wonderful. I don’t care to dwell on how the trash gets there, or what kind of trash it is, just want to keep Pagosa beautiful!”
Todd Wintersteen wrote, “I would love a Christmas parade and an outdoor swimming pool for the summer and I think I should open a Little Ceazars here fo sho.”
Julian Grigsby wants, “A Red Lobster or Applebees.”
Glenna Sullivan wrote, “I see so many negative comments! If there is a strong and focused planning department growth doesn’t have to be negative. Growth should pay for itself. Taxes shouldn’t be increased every year because of growth. I’m a Colorado native and know that I live in a beautiful desirable place and that others may want to live here too. Why not participate in the planning for growth. It’s inevitable. I personally am happy that we have a swimming pool, places to hike and ski, trails, and hot springs. I don’t need more.”
Dustin Rose suggested, “North Pagosa blvd and the frontage in front of city market desperately needs to be repaved.”
Space doesn’t allow for us to print every idea that we received. We’ll share more of the ideas submitted in the weeks ahead.
One thing’s for certain, we have a lot to look forward to in 2019. Let’s all do our part and resolve to get involved to make our community better.
Terri Lynn Oldham House