Twila Faye Brown


Twila Faye Brown was born Feb. 28, 1958. Twila passed away in her home in the loving arms of her partner, Donna Merchant-Crooks, on Dec. 22.
Twila is the proud granddaughter of the late Faye Brown, of Pagosa Springs, and the daughter of Warren Joe Brown, of Bayfield, and Nadine Eva Clouse, deceased. She tended her grandmother’s ranch for the past couple decades, raising hay and animals. Ranching was Twila’s passion.
She was a deeply playful and loving soul. She cherished her friends and just about everyone she met on any given day. She was also an amazing storyteller and gifted others with historical and personal tales. Twila easily made people laugh and was often the instigator of pranks — all for a smile!
A couple weeks prior to her passing, a benefit was held for Twila in Bayfield. Over 200 people showed up to hug and personally voice their love for her. The crowd included her two precious granddaughters and family members, many co-workers from various jobs and teammates from her younger years of softball competitions. Twila was a softball champ with an arm that could make your head spin. Also present were a lot of children sneaking in for one of Twila’s warm hugs, as well as respecting farmers whom she served in her recent job with Southwest Ag in Gem Village. She was extremely grateful to SWAG for their tremendous support and love during her battles with cancer. They were her “rock,” allowing her to continue to work even when she couldn’t give it her all, though she gave it a good try.
Twila felt fortunate to be present at the benefit, which she considered to be her own funeral. When asked about a possible charity to donate to in lieu of flowers and gifts, she asked instead that we hug our neighbors, greet strangers with kindness, comfort someone in need and, of course, find ways to laugh.
A gathering to celebrate our lives with Twila will be announced at a later date.