Literary Ladies to discuss ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’


By Marilyn Stroud
Special to The PREVIEW
Join the Literary Ladies as we discuss “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” on Oct. 26 at 10:30 a.m. at the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library.
Kim Edwards wrote this New York Times Best Paperback Best Seller in 2005. It is a story of a doctor who on a snowy Kentucky night is forced to deliver his wife’s twins when she goes into labor with the help of his nurse. The first child is a healthy boy, but his fraternal sister is obviously a Down syndrome child.
Immediately, he asks his nurse to take the female baby to an institution for mentally handicapped children. Dr. Henry informs his wife that the child died at birth. However, the nurse, Caroline Gill, does not like the institution and decides to keep the baby. Henry is aware of her decision and communicates with Caroline during the child’s formative years.
This novel was adapted to television film and was broadcast April 2008.