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LPEA phone scam threatening Pagosa Springs businesses with disconnection

By Indiana Reed
Special to The SUN
La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) is once again cautioning its members to not be fooled by impersonators who claim to be from LPEA and threaten disconnection for lack of payment. The current phone scam appears to be targeting Pagosa Springs businesses, demanding immediate payment via a prepaid credit card.
“Every time we turn around, there’s a new twist,” said Ron Meier, LPEA manager of engineering and member services. “Today’s effort involves phone calls to Pagosa businesses — with the caller ID and phone number appearing to be from LPEA — claiming the account is delinquent.”
Meier notes that LPEA does not make phone calls threatening to immediately disconnect anyone’s electricity for lack of payment, nor demand that members get a prepaid credit card to provide funds over the phone. When an account is past due, LPEA customers receive a series of written notices and are given adequate time to settle their bills before any disconnect would take place.
If receiving a questionable phone call demanding immediate payment, LPEA members are asked to get a call-back number from the caller (potential scammer), then hang up and call LPEA directly to see if a true issue exists with their account. If a call is blatantly fraudulent, LPEA members are advised to call local authorities.
LPEA’s customer service representatives can be reached during regular business hours at 247-5786 or (888) 839-5732 for clarification of any billing questions. LPEA members can also review the status of their account at any time online at www.lpea.coop, and click on the SmartHub icon.

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