Seniors’ next health and wellness event April 25


The Senior Center has a pilot program expanding health and wellness services to Archuleta County seniors. The program includes wellness and blood pressure monitoring, or allows individual area seniors to discuss two subjects of their choice.
The next health and wellness event will be April 25.
There is no charge for Medicare enrollees. Participant IDs will include Medicare card, photo ID and, if necessary, any supplemental insurances. No Medicaid is accepted at this time. Participants are encouraged to bring a list of their current medications.
Clinical assessment will be provided by Tabitha Zappone, FNP-C.
The goal of the outreach clinic is to provide care to those who are not able to travel.
Medical alert system
Medical alert monitoring systems are available for seniors. We can help you get set up with a system and assist with the monthly service charges or, if you already have a system in place, we can help supplement the monthly service fees.
Please call 264-2167 for more information or to sign up.
San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging: Update and younger residents
By Kay Kaylor
As the part-time long-term care ombudsman for Archuleta County, I advocate for residents at Pine Ridge and BeeHive Homes. Federal and state laws protect residents to promote quality of care and quality of life. Pine Ridge had a health department survey March 19-22, and I will report the results when they are official. BeeHive Homes has a new administrator, Angela Gallegos, and the number of residents is increasing.
Pine Ridge joins other extended care homes with an average of 15 percent of residents younger than age 65 (2013), a growing but rarely recognized population with higher care and supervision needs. In a 2009 study of eight Texas nursing homes, most younger residents were men with significant physical and mental health deficits who spent most of their time alone or watching television. A majority had never been married or were divorced or separated. Other studies cited state that younger residents live with more varied medical conditions and a greater proportion tends to be obese.
Residents in the 2009 study wanted a variety of relevant recreational activities, such as more outings and more meaningful relationships with family, staff and other residents. The younger residents felt trapped and depressed, partly from overwhelming changes that occurred earlier in life. They tended to be less patient and more demanding with interests of their generation.
Staff believed nursing facilities were not designed for younger residents, resulting in unmet psychosocial and recreational needs. Among obvious strategies suggested was to provide more community-based alternatives to nursing home placement.
For further information, you may call me at 403-2164 or send an email to
Senior Discount Club memberships are offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch. If you are a senior (60 years and older), for only a $4 suggested donation, you are eligible for a hot meal, drink and a salad prepared by our kitchen staff.
The guest fee for those 59 and under is $10 and children 10 years and under can eat for $5 each. Access to the salad bar is only $6 for those under 60.
Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Thursday, April 5 — Pork baked ziti, roasted cauliflower soup, glazed carrots, focaccia bread, milk and salad bar.
Friday, April 6 — Turkey sausage soup, green peas, milk, salad bar and brownie.
Monday, April 9 — Chicken Parmesan, whole-wheat penne pasta with marinara sauce, spinach, yellow squash casserole, milk, salad bar and lemon dessert.
Tuesday, April 10 — Crunchy baked catfish with Dijon mustard sauce and/or tarter sauce, scalloped sweet potatoes with apples, stir-fried Chinese mustard greens, milk, salad bar and peanut butter cookie.
Wednesday, April 11 — Pork zuppa Toscana, eggplant medley, focaccia bread, milk and salad bar.
Thursday, April 12 — Turkey potpie, Brussels sprouts, milk, salad bar and carrot cake.
Reservations and cancellations are required. You can make a reservation at 264-2167 by 9 a.m. the morning of the day you would like to dine in the Community Cafe at the Senior Center.
For your convenience, you can make your reservations in advance or have a standing reservation on days you know you will always attend. Please cancel if you cannot attend on your standing reservation days.