Healthy balance can save your life: 9Health Fair April 28


By Constance d’Angelis
Special to The PREVIEW
Did you know that cardiovascular disease kills over 800,000, which is one in three deaths per year or one death every 40 seconds. And, an American has a stroke about once every 40 seconds.
Over 92 million Americans live with cardiovascular disease or after-effects of stroke.
Don’t want to part of this statistic? Neither do I.
Shaping a healthy balanced lifestyle can shift the odds that these conditions will kill or incapacitate you.
Cholesterol screening is important in detecting the risk for cardiovascular problems and possibility of sustaining a stroke. This testing is included in the general blood chemistry offered for the minimal cost of $35 at the 9Health Fair to be held on April 28 from 7 to 11 a.m. at Pagosa Springs High School.
A colleague of mine, Joe, suffered a debilitating loss. Confused and highly stressed, he bought a small motor home and with his dog started traveling across the country. Previously, he was diligent in care of his physical and mental health, but his heartache, grief and doubt were taking its toll. The result was yet to be discovered. He stopped in our fair mountain town and, as luck would have it, he had a blood screening that included cholesterol testing.
The results indicated that he was a traveling time bomb for a heart attack or stroke. His cholesterol risk ratio was off the charts. Now what? Quite a wake-up call for Joe. He had to make some massive shifts in his lifestyle and/or start on statin drugs to lower the LDL cholesterol (lousy stuff) and raise the HDL (good/helpful).
He opted for a change in his diet, including more fish, lean meat, vegetables and nuts. He increased his exercise regimen. The new focus helped him out of his depression and minimized his stress. He was able to get the total cholesterol, the lousy and helpful, into normal limits. He walks daily by the river, which is instrumental in calming his demeanor, too. His dog is really thriving with the added activity rather than driving in the motor home for days on end with a grouchy master.
I’m not sure if it’s his smile, rosy cheeks or deep laugh that identifies his transformed heart life.
Come to the high school on April 28 from 7 to 11 a.m. for screenings and education.
You can fashion a healthy balance in your life, too.
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