Health and wellness event Wednesday

The Pagosa Springs Senior Center has a pilot program expanding health and wellness services to Archuleta County seniors. The program includes wellness and blood pressure monitoring, or allows individual area seniors to discuss two subjects of their choice.
The next health and wellness date is Jan. 31.
There is no charge for Medicare enrollees. Participant IDs will include Medicare card, photo ID and, if necessary, any supplemental insurances. No Medicaid is accepted at this time. Participants are encouraged to bring a list of their current medications.
Clinical assessment will be provided by Tabitha Zappone, FNP-C.
The goal of the outreach clinic is to provide care to those who are not able to travel.
Medical alert system
Medical Alert monitoring systems are available for seniors. The Senior Center can help you get set up with a system and assist with the monthly service charges, or, if you already have a system in place, we can help supplement the monthly service fees.
San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging: More verbal or mental abuse and exploitation examples
By Kay Kaylor
As the long-term care ombudsman for Archuleta County, I advocate for residents at Pine Ridge and BeeHive Homes. Federal and state laws protect residents to promote quality of care and quality of life. These vulnerable residents may feel defenseless against abuse, neglect and exploitation due to their physical, emotional or mental condition.
Continuing Disability Law of Colorado examples begun in prior columns, facility staff or others might act toward residents in the following verbally and mentally abusive ways: communicate the attitude, “She’s not my patient” when a resident needs help; enter a room without knocking and waiting for a response; perform a treatment without explaining it; refer to a resident as a room number or diagnosis; or threaten a resident with comments such as, “If you don’t like it, you can leave” and “Do what I tell you or else.”
Exploitation of residents by staff or others includes stealing a resident’s personal property, such as jewelry, clothing or dentures, or borrowing them without permission; using personal items, such as a television or radio, without permission; forcing residents to do something, such as dancing or fighting, to get what they need; misuse of power of attorney, such as not paying the facility or taking money for personal use; and salespeople trying to get financial or other personal information for their own benefit.
Anyone who witnesses or knows of such acts should contact the facility administrator, law enforcement, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or the local ombudsman. Grievance procedures are posted in the facility.
For further information, you may call me at 403-2164 or send an email to
Senior Discount Club memberships are offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch. If you are a senior (60 years and older), for only a $4 suggested donation, you are eligible for a hot meal, drink and a salad prepared by our kitchen staff.
The guest fee for those 59 and under is $10 and children 10 years and under can eat for $5 each. Access to the salad bar is only $6 for those under 60.
Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Thursday, Jan. 25 — Pork baked ziti, glazed carrots, broccoli with red peppers, focaccia bread and salad bar.
Friday, Jan. 26 — Beef barbecue meatballs, green beans with bacon, creamed corn, salad bar and brownie.
Monday, Jan. 29 — Lemon-baked salmon with lemon wedge, wild rice pilaf, green peas, roasted sweet potato and salad bar.
Tuesday, Jan. 30 — Chicken piccata, Italian spinach and mushrooms, roasted cauliflower with red peppers and salad bar.
Wednesday, Jan. 31 — Beef potpie, Brussels sprouts and salad bar.
Thursday, Feb. 1 — Chicken fajitas, charro beans, Mexicali corn and salad bar.
Reservations and cancellations are required. You can make a reservation at 264-2167 by 9 a.m. the morning of the day you would like to dine in the Community Cafe at the Senior Center.