Piedra Road, North Pagosa Boulevard closures announced


Piedra Road and North Pagosa Boulevard are slated to be closed at times in the near future.

Work is slated to begin Monday, July 17, on Piedra Road to repair a broken water line under the road, as well as the damage to the road the break caused.

According to the district manager for the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District, Justin Ramsey, a water line broke under the road last year and caused the road to buckle a little bit.

Ramsey explained that a contractor will be taking out a portion of the roadway and replacing the pipe, placing a sleeve around the pipe to prevent road damage in the event of future breaks or leaks, and replacing that portion of roadway and guardrail.

The portion of the road in question is located approximately 1 mile north of Aspenglow Boulevard.

Susan Goebel-Canning reported to The SUN Wednesday that the county had been informed of the need to close the road on Tuesday, and that detours would be in place through Aspenglow Boulevard and Laurel Drive.

She added that local traffic would be allowed and coordinated with the contractor, and that signage would be in place.

Ramsey explained that the road closure is scheduled to be at least through July 28, with a one-lane closure likely for an additional week.

Depending on weather and the level of damage beneath the road, the project is projected to be complete by Aug. 11.

Too, work is slated to be done on North Pagosa Boulevard in the near future.

North Pagosa Boulevard will be undergoing improvements to help preserve the pavement. The project entails deep patching and resurfacing of approximately 1.7 miles from the North Pagosa Bridge to Aspenglow Boulevard.

Partial road closures will be in place through September. Full closure of the bridge will last for a few days with detours around Lake Forest Circle.

The bridge work is a temporary mend until full reconstruction can be done next summer.