Writing group’s schedule to change


By Carla Ryan
Special to The PREVIEW

The Writing Hands Organization of Pagosa Springs (WHOOPS) has been meeting at the Ruby M. Sisson Library for the past several months on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings. Based on recent feedback from core members of the group, that schedule is about to change.

WHOOPS is open to all genres and skill levels, and is for those who have a desire to strengthen their talents and network with other like-minded individuals. Members of the group share ideas, learn technical aspects of writing, experiment with different writing exercises, and offer critiques. Occasionally, published authors are invited to present ideas to develop writing skills so members can learn about writing as a full-time career.

The group’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 22, (before Thanksgiving) at the Ruby M. Sisson Library from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the large meeting room.

The only agenda item will be to determine a new meeting time or schedule to better accommodate the group’s regular attendees. No writing assignment or exercise is due for this meeting, but if members have written something they would like to have critiqued, they are encouraged to bring it for sharing. Members are encouraged to attend this meeting as it may be the final gathering for the year, with the new schedule to pick up in 2017. Details will be emailed to WHOOPS members as well.

Carla Ryan is currently the contact person for the group. For information about recent meetings, call her at (303) 358-0069 or email to carlamryan@gmail.com.