Pagosa Springs Behavioral Healthcare Clinic impacted by Adobe building fire


By Sarada Leavenworth
Special to The SUN

A fire occurred at the Adobe Building on the night of Oct. 21 and has left Axis Health System’s Pagosa Springs Behavioral Healthcare clinic space at 475 Lewis St. unusable. Thankfully there were no injuries and Axis Health System will continue to provide care while working to solve this situation.

“We are committed to finding an alternative space as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on all,” said Bern Heath, Axis CEO. “Pagosa Springs is an incredibly caring community that always comes together around crisis, and this is no exception. Local emergency response has been extraordinary, partner agencies, including the Chamber and the Catholic community, are already reaching out to us with help, and we will all continue to work together to get through this.”

Axis Health System leadership has been notifying patients and prioritizing access to care. All patients of the clinic are being called directly to receive updates and to be made aware of care options. Community members, including patients, are welcome and encouraged to call for further information as well: Pagosa Springs Behavioral Healthcare clinic: 264-2104 or the 24/7 Crisis Line: 247-5245.

“We are up and running on a limited basis, and we’ll be back to full schedule as soon as possible,” said Erik Foss, Pagosa Springs Clinic Manager. “We’re here for our patients and will do what it takes to make this work for everyone.” Watch for updates on Axis’ website: