Perpetual problems plague pipeline project


The project to build a force main pipeline that will move wastewater from the Pagosa Springs Sanitation and General Improvement District’s (PSSGID) facility near Yamaguchi Park up to the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District’s (PAWSD) Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant was once again the subject of a heated discussion at this week’s PSSGID board meeting.

As part of the consent agenda at the beginning of the meeting, the board passed Resolution No. 2015-04, “Authorizing the submittal of a Colorado Department of Health and Environment Small Communities grant application for improvements to the pumping conveyance project.”

Items are only supposed to be placed on the consent agenda if they are merely routine business items that require no debate or discussion. In fact, the resolution itself wasn’t even included in the board’s packet of documents that is distributed online before the meeting, and SUN staff had to ask Town Clerk April Hessman for a copy of the resolution the next day.

The resolution stated, “WHEREAS, in February 2012, the PSSGID entered into agreements with Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD) to jointly construct a pumping conveyance system; and

“WHEREAS, in 2012, additional agreements with engineers and financial institutions were executed to facilitate the design, approval, and financing of the pumping conveyance project; and

“WHEREAS, additional grant funding has potentially become available to offset the higher than anticipated construction costs of the pumping conveyance project; and

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