Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado launches badge program


By Jessica Von Duerring
Special to The SUN

The statewide nonprofit Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has launched its #YourCO digital badge program to recognize those who care for Colorado’s natural resources. The various badges allow people to showcase their skills and achievements in outdoor stewardship online.

To earn a badge, people can either take part in a VOC project or take care of Colorado on their own time via simple, do-it-yourself stewardship activities.

“‘Do you care for Colorado? Prove it.’ That’s the message behind our badge program,” said Ann Baker Easley, VOC’s executive director. “Whether you hike, garden with native plants or ride your bike to class or work, there are lots of ways in which each of us can show we care about Colorado’s outdoors through the daily actions we take. Currently, people can earn up to 10 VOC badges for skills or individual acts of stewardship through outdoor volunteering, energy conservation, sustainability practices, and much more.”

To get started, visit www.voc.org/badge and earn your first badge simply by taking the pledge to show you care for Colorado. You can then track your stewardship actions online to collect more badges and earn rewards. To share how you care and inspire others to do the same, tag your posts and photos on social media with the hashtag #YourCO.

For more information, visit www.voc.org. To view upcoming VOC projects, check out the project calendar at www.voc.org/volunteer.