Pregnancy Center: 15 years of community support


By Kate Kelley

Special to The PREVIEW

Maybe you’ve wondered, what really goes on at the Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center? Sure, everyone knows that they provide free pregnancy testing, but there’s so much more, and the details can be understood one personal story at a time.

In a recent month, three teen couples came in with the girls wanting pregnancy tests. This is actually an answer to prayer for the staff and volunteers at PPSC — that these couples are seeking help at the center.

Out of those three pregnancy tests, only one turned out to be positive and the couple has, to this point, decided to parent the baby together. They come to the center weekly during extended hours (after school) for services. Volunteers, both male and female, are speaking with the young couple about the importance of staying in school, grandparent influences (the teens’ parents) and living situation. All along the way, this couple will receive life-giving encouragement and an opportunity to learn healthy parenting skills, as well as being provided with a chance to earn the fundamental necessities for their baby: diapers, clothing, cribs, etc.

A crisis diminished

Recently, a 23-year-old young woman came to the PPSC for a pregnancy test. Due to her medical conditions, she can only take a low dose of birth control. When she told her boyfriend she thought she might be pregnant, he gave her the choice of abortion or ending their relationship. The pregnancy test did come back positive.

“How could I abort this baby? It’s not the baby’s fault” was the comment from this already-single mother (of a 2 year old) now facing an unexpected pregnancy.

This client said she could not consider abortion even though the father of the baby has, in fact, abandoned her. She is now considering her options: adoption or parenting. As she continues to gain the much-needed emotional support offered by the staff and volunteers at Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center, she will spend time with nurse-manager Annie Sewell and have the opportunity to see her baby grow via the ultrasound machine at PPSC. She will have the chance to learn how to make healthy choices that benefit her, her 2 year old and the baby she is carrying.

The beginning

Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center has been operating in this community since 1999, 15 years ago. In those 15 years, staff members and trained volunteers have helped thousands of clients by offering a wide variety of services to the community — services that include free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, items from the Baby Boutique, parenting classes, post-abortion recovery workshops and counseling for miscarriage.

These services, along with skilled staff and trained volunteers, are available Monday through Thursday each week at PPSC, located at 602 S. 8th St., just one block from Pagosa Springs High School.

For all of its 15-year existence, The Center has counted on regular donations to keep its programs in place. While one-time donations are always appreciated, having regular monthly support allows the center to budget very effectively.

Consider giving through the 15 for 15 Campaign

As a way to celebrate all that it has done in Pagosa Springs in its 15-year history and all that is planned with continued financial backing, Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center is running the 15 for 15 Campaign from now until March 31. They are hoping for at least 115 donors who will pledge $15 per month for one year. The goal is to raise $20,000 through this campaign so staff and volunteers can serve more effectively at the center — freeing up their time from planning multiple fundraisers each year.

If you would consider pledging as little as $15 per month over the next year, you can do so by picking up a form at PPSC or by giving online at