Whiting seeks re-election as county commissioner


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Michael Whiting
Michael Whiting

Michael Whiting is officially seeking re-election as Archuleta County commissioner for District 3.

“I see a bright future for us. All of us. People, businesses, and money (local and outside) are watching and waiting for us to signal that we are ready to move forward, and worthy of their trust and investment. Our choices on April 9th and November 4th can send that signal,” Whiting wrote in an e-mail concerning his choice to run.

Of his first-term accomplishments, Whiting wrote: “It was full team efforts got us rebuilding Piedra and other roads, improving Senior Services, opening Cloman Park, and boosting recycling, to name a few of dozens.

“I did push us to talk and act more honestly and openly, and think more clearly. To spend only what we earn, for the first time. To spend less, waste less, and produce more. We are doing all of those things, making us more ready to meet our challenges as a result.”

If re-elected, Whiting listed a few of his goals for a second term, which include more funding for road maintenance, completing the Town-to-Lakes Trail, building a partnership between the county commissioners and town council, reducing overlap between town and county services, and more.

The biggest challenges facing the office, Whiting said, include funding road improvement without raising taxes, “increasing quality jobs and economic stability without selling our soul,” and, “rebuilding the vitality and public trust broken by decades of backwater politics and thinking.”