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CDC to hold a community conversation on proposed recreation center

By Muriel Eason
Special to The SUN

The mission of the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (CDC) is economic and community development. Town trustee Kathie Lattin is championing a proposal for a town recreation center that supports and extends both CDC objectives.

This project originated from a community recreation survey completed by the town a few years ago. This is the community’s idea. It was one of our top priorities. It is something we wanted.

This project represents a new grassroots, community approach to community and economic development in contrast to recent town projects which originated with town government without broad community support. In this case, it was the community’s idea and is being championed by the Town of Pagosa Springs, which put it on the upcoming town election ballot for April 8. This is a unified community approach that we should encourage for projects like this with a major impact.

Want to know more about it, such as: How did it all start? What is being proposed? What amenities are included? What is the layout? What will it look like? Where will it be located? What benefits will it provide to the community? Is the size appropriate for our community demographics? Is this just for town residents or can county residents use it too? Will visitors use it? Will it compete with the PLPOA recreation center uptown? Will it benefit our local schools? Will it allow for more parks and recreation programs? Why do we need it now? How will operating and maintenance expenses be covered? Can the town afford it? How will it be financed? What is the anticipated positive economic impact of the project?

Bring your own questions, too, and we’ll make sure they get answered with ample time for questions and answers. You can find out more ahead of the meeting at http://www.pagosareccenter.com/

Please join us at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3, at the Ross Aragon Community Center in the south conference room as town trustee Kathie Lattin will share an overview of the proposed town recreation center and Laura Lewis Marchino, assistant director of Region 9 Economic Development District, will unveil an economic impact study of the project which was just completed. This will be the very first presentation of this study. We will allow plenty of time to get your input and feedback and answer your questions.

A community networking reception to continue the conversation will follow. Refreshments will be provided.

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