Public invited to comment on requirements for a Uniform Voting System in Colorado


Secretary of State Scott Gessler is moving Colorado to a statewide Uniform Voting System.

Under a uniform system, all Colorado voters will have the same voting experience on the same voting equipment. The processes for issuing, casting and counting votes will be uniform throughout the state.

Part of the selection process is asking vendors to propose voting equipment through a Request for Proposal (RFP) that will be issued Aug. 1, 2013.

The RFP will contain “system requirements.” Voting system vendors will use these requirements in developing their proposals.

A working draft of these requirements has been posted on the Secretary of State website for public review and comment between now and July 14. The document is posted in a MS Word format so it may be edited.

• If there are requirements that you do not believe are necessary, please explain why.

• If there are new requirements that you propose, please add and explain why you believe they should be included.

• If you believe a requirement should be edited, please provide the suggested edits and any relevant comments.

To access the document and return it with your comments, follow these steps:

1. Download/save the document to your computer (do not edit directly on the website).

2. Make the edits or comments.

3. Save and e-mail the completed document to by July 14.

The draft system requirements can be found and downloaded through July 14 at the “Uniform Voting System” heading.