Buy socks for wildland firefighters


By Karen Hoch
Special to The SUN

When firefighters working on the West Fork Complex fires are asked what they need, most replies have been “good wool socks.”

As a result, The Outfitter Department Store decided to get help from local residents and visitors and provide them what they need. Staff at the store found that Carolina Hosiery produces an 80-percent merino wool, antimicrobial scent eliminating sock and got a special price from the company — $5 a pair.

Stop in the store and purchase a pair of socks. The cost is $5 a pair, cash or check only, please. That is the cost of the sock, plus shipping. There will be no profit on The Outfitter’s part; the store owners and staff just want to help these guys and girls. The store will ensure the purchased socks are delivered.

For more information, call 264-1321.