In Memoriam-Clifford E. Lucero


    Clifford E. Lucero

    In loving memory of Clifford E. Lucero — Feb. 13, 2009

    This love we have for our Dad

    Will never fade away.

    We’ll think of him, our special friend

    Throughout each passing day.

    We’ll walk into the room

    And see his empty chair;

    Although we know he’s resting,

    We’ll feel his presence there.

    The memories of his laughter,

    His warm and loving smile,

    His eyes so full of happiness

    Memories are forever

    Laughter or of tears,

    Memories we will treasure

    Through all the forthcoming years.

    Deeply missed by his wife Eliza; children Alberta, Bernie, Guzman, Madeline, Clifford Jr., Jimmy, Lucille, spouses; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.