Conservancy district to apply for Dry Gulch special use permit


Staff Writer

During the Dec. 10 San Juan Water Conservancy District board of directors meeting, board president Rod Proffitt announced that the district had received a one-year extension of a $50,000 grant from the Southwest Water Conservancy District.

The grant was originally awarded at the beginning of 2011 to be used within the year to complete environmental assessment of the proposed Dry Gulch Reservoir site. Last year, after the Colorado Supreme Court awarded 11,000 acre feet to a Dry Gulch Reservoir project, the SWWCD extended the grant for another year.

“Well, I tell you, they like this project. All I got was compliments,” Proffitt said.

If an additional extension is needed, a member of the board will make a request for another extension next year.

In addition to the grant extension, the district has taken another step in the Dry Gulch project process. Proffitt has had several meetings with the U.S. Forest Service pertaining to a special use permit for use of San Juan National Forest land in the Dry Gulch project.

A motion was unanimously approved by the board authorizing Proffitt to submit a draft of the special use permit application to the USFS, with the addition of comments from board members.

The board then reviewed changes made to the 2013 budget. Board member Carrie Weiss explained that the largest change was that $13,000 is appropriated to publication and a website.

Also, $1,975 has been targeted for cloudseeding, the same amount spent last year.

The district’s 2013 budget along with the certification of tax levies was approved.

The board also approved a resolution for exemption of a 2012 audit.