Sheriff’s office receives NRA grant


By Harry Harris
Special to The SUN

In March 2012, the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office submitted a grant application to the National Rifle Association Foundation to assist the county in the purchase of ammunition and safety vests for the ACSO deputies.

The equipment will benefit the community through the deputies becoming more proficient in the use of firearms, which would enhance the overall safety of the deputies and the general public.

The NRA project allowed the county to purchase the equipment at no cost to the county.

The NRA approved the grant in the amount of $6,699.83, which allowed the county to purchase the equipment allowing additional firearms training, which increased the proficiency of the deputies in the use of firearms.

Sheriff Peter L. Gonzalez, speaking for the ACSO, wants to acknowledge and thank the participation of the Friends of the NRA in the ACSO deputies achieving their goal of better proficiency in firearms training.