Kids Kare to begin Sept. 13


By Frank and Connie Porter | Kids Kare

Have your little ones ever wished they could go to school with big brother or sister? Once again, we have started a program just for them; it is called Kids Kare.

This program is designed for little kids ages 3 to 5 years old and takes place at Pagosa Bible Church, 209 Harman Park Drive, behind Wells Fargo Bank. 

It meets each Wednesday, beginning Sept. 13, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. on days that public school is in session. The program includes Bible time with stories, songs, memory verses and lots of activities. The children also have a craft time, game time and a snack. They meet new friends and a wonderful staff of screened adults who take great care of them. There is no charge for the program and all little kids are welcome to come. 

To register your child for Kids Kare, go to and click on “Register for a Club.” 

For more information about the Kids Kare program, call Frank and Connie Porter at (303) 901-5290 or email them at We look forward to seeing your little ones.