Spiritual Experiences Group to discuss how to experience God’s love


By Laurah Brock Young | Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs

Yes, God speaks to you.

This voice, the light and sound of God can be seen, heard and felt. Dreams, intuition, gratitude and the love we have for our families all reflect this life-giving creative power.

For millennia, religions have tried to express the light and sound of God through architecture and design, music and chanting, fire and song.

Do you appreciate beauty in nature, art or music? Find solace in a sunrise? Love the sound of the rain?

You can attune yourself to this divine, creative, transformative love and experience the light and sound at any time.

Join the Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs on Aug. 13 at 1 p.m. for a lively discussion on “How to Experience God’s Love: The Divine Language of Light and Sound.” We will meet at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave.

For more information, go to https://www.meetup.com/pagosa-springs-spiritual-experiences-group/.

This free event is sponsored by Eckankar, as a community service, a spiritual resource for people of all faiths and beliefs. It is an individual, creative practice to experience our own unique relationship with the divine.

To read more about light and sound, visit https://www.eckankar.org/experience/light-and-sound/.